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Betty LouARI# 847174    Price:$100.00

DOB: 11/18/2009 (8 Yrs) Female
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Betty Lou is a non fading black female. She has very fine fleece with a beautiful handle, high frequency crimp and med. density. Her fleece grades at a 2 when sorted. Take a look at her histogram done at almost 4years of age with an AFD of 22.9, many alpacas do not have this fineness at 6 months. She passes this fineness on to her cria. Betty is a very gentle alpaca with good bone, a beautiful feminine head, an excellent mother with plenty of milk and she breeds and births easily. Take a look at this girl she is a no brainer for anyone breeding for true black.


  • 1st award of this Alpaca, and brief detals, etc.
  • 2nd awatyrrd of thirtyrtys Alpaca, and brief detals, etc.
  • 3rd award ohis Alpaca, aief detals, etc.
  • 4th award of ewtertpacar tert, and briefutyuiiuyo detals, etc.

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Betty Lou