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Windrush White BlastARI# 8471742    Price:$562.00

DOB: 6/18/2007 (11 Yrs) Male
Sire : FRA Lucero
Dame : Windrush Clarissa Dawn


If you are looking for fleece that will impress the judges and your fellow breeders, take a closer look at Blast. His conformation won't let you down either. We hear a lot about "the total package". Blast fits the that description. He is sure to bring wonderful genetics and superior fleece characteristics to any herd. Take a look at his ARI certificate. Blast brings a wonderful blend of strong bloodlines including Royal Fawn, Drambuie, Leon, King Solomon, and Desert Sun just to drop a few big names.


  • 1st award of this Alpaca, and brief detals, etc.
  • 2nd awatyrrd of thirtyrtys Alpaca, and brief detals, etc.
  • 3rd award ohis Alpaca, aief detals, etc.
  • 4th award, and if if there is 5th awrd, we just need to press enter, and it will show new bullet, which will appear as star graphic, and then type details about 5th one

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Windrush White Blast